Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pensacola Part III

Friday morning, we headed to the Cafe for breakfast again. There are some beautiful homes along the bayou on the way.

A huge, blooming century plant that Millie told me to be sure and take a look at.
The evening we arrived, Greg asked his sister if he could take her kids for a ride. Her answer without even missing a beat was "no", having remembered a certain ride with her brother on a minibike many years ago. But by Friday afternoon, her kids had asked her if they could take a ride with Uncle Greg and she said "yes". This is Uncle Greg and Tanky giving a "thumbs up".
The niece was next with her and Uncle Greg both giving "thumbs up".
Next thing I knew, the mom had climbed on the bike with her brother. She obviously had forgiven him for his biking transgressions of the past. Everyone had told him to go slow, but then after one time around the block, decided that a little speed would be fun. Of course, Greg saved the best for his sister. This picture was taken right before he hit the throttle and all we could hear was a continuous scream coming from the back of the motorcycle as it sped off down the street. She appears to be smiling at this point......
We left for Texas early on Saturday morning, getting on the road at 6:30 AM, after coffee and a short visit with Millie at the Cafe. It was a long day on the road, with many breaks to stretch and get the circulation back in our hineys, and a few times of donning rainsuits. We arrived back at home around 8:00 PM, having ridden 725 miles. We were tired, but home safe and sound.