Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pensacola Part II

This was early Thursday morning as the sun was coming up across the water. It was such a pretty day.
We had stopped for breakfast at the Scenic 90 Cafe and afterwards decided to try our hand at taking our own picture, like the teenagers do. It didn't turn out too bad.

A later shot of the sun coming up over the bayou.
A really long bridge coming into Pensacola.
Thursday we had a full day. We visited with Morgan and her mom, then we had lunch with Greg's oldest daughter, Ammon, and last went to eat dinner with Ashley and Kailen and the grandkids. Kailen had been fishing the previous weekend and caught quite a few fish. These are large fillets but just a portion of the fish that was grilled that night. The fish was yummy and the meal was great!!
Kaila wanted to show Mimi her tricks on the trampoline. She could really jump high.
Then, of course, Bricen had to show his tricks as well. His next door neighbor joined him for the fun.
We had a great time.