Sunday, July 20, 2008


We decided to take advantage of what will probably be one of our last free weekends before football starts. We took a canoe trip down the Brazos River. We drove the motorcycle to Whitney, rented a canoe, and got in the water about 9:30 AM.
The scenery along the river was really pretty. But it didn't take us long to realize that the river level was way, way down. Thank goodness we wore tennis shoes.
This was one of the places where the water was somewhat deep. There were several canoes that left ahead of us that we caught up with.
A small spring fed waterfall.
The cliffs along the river were very visible due to the lack of rainfall in our area. Many people were fishing from their canoes and having pretty good luck.
Greg spotted this large spider and put me, with the camera, as close to it as possible.
I assume that just the top of this large rock would be visible when the water is higher.
It was very quiet during the trip, with the occasional voice of another canoe-er interrupting the silence. We stopped on the river bank and ate the lunch we packed.
I didn't get any pictures of us when we were out of the canoe, dragging it through the shallow spots. The whole trip was 8 miles and I think we walked about 5 of them. Greg says I am exaggerating and it was probably only about 1 mile that we just SEEMED like 5!!
Thank goodness for sunscreen. It was 100 degrees and most of the trip was in the sun. We arrived back at our vehicle at about 3:10 PM. We were pretty tired and still had an hour drive home on the motorcycle. Even with all the whining I did about dragging the canoe, it was a very fun day.