Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We left Zabcikville and had breakfast at the Bluebonnet Cafe in Temple. We had a relaxed breakfast, sitting and talking over coffee after we finished, planning where to go next. Our next destination was Salado, a quaint village full of shops and bed/breakfasts.

Another church along the way.
We drove around this time into areas of town we had never been before. They have an amphitheater in a park that we will have to visit some time to see a production. We stopped to walk around and look at these great rock tables. I would LOVE to have one in our backyard!!
We walked through several of the shops, even bought a couple of Christmas gifts.

One of the shops had a fountain/fish pond out front........And in the back of the shop, they had this bird aviary. There were two small gray doves and a white one. Wonder if they would just let me live at this shop???? Remember, we are on the motorcycle. It is cool but getting warmer by the minute so we stopped on our way into Salado and bought some ice and zip lock bags to keep our meat purchases cool in the trunk. And we had to do some fancy arranging to get our Christmas purchases packed in it as well. But when we left, everything was snugly in place.

We drove on to Round Rock, thinking we would drop in on the kids (we KNEW they would love that) but they fooled us by already being here in town for the holiday. We went home through Georgetown, Walburg, and Bartlett, small towns along the way back. At one point, we got back on the interstate but luckily, at that point, we only had about 30 miles to get home. The traffic was starting to get bad.
It was by far one of the funnest and laid back days we have had in a long time!!!