Saturday, November 29, 2008

Productive Friday

The boys spent most of the day on Friday at the house, rewiring the dvd player, tuner/surround sound, and cd player, moving them from the corner of the living room to the new cabinet under the new tv. After deciding what wiring, etc. they would need, they left for the electronics store with mom's credit that is trust!!!

Jeremy bought a nifty small light for $5 while he was there and it really came in handy. It was hard to keep the pictures from having too much light so I just did the best I could.
Samantha and Brandon had their share of excitement the night before Thanksgiving. Being a pediatrician that sees germ carrying children, Samantha must have picked up a bug from one of them. She couldn't keep a thing down starting at 8 PM, which is bad enough in itself but being 6 months pregnant didn't help at all. They finally made a trip to the emergency room about 2 AM. Samantha got rehydrated with a couple of IV's, and she spent her Thanksgiving Day resting in turkey for her. But she was feeling much better by Friday evening and we are so thankful for that!!

Brandon spent a lot of time in the attic, which is NOT a good job. He came downstairs, itching from insulation and he had injured his elbow on a nail jutting out from the roof. Poor dear....
I HAD to get a shot of this......Brandon dusting this wall at the house....he wasn't exactly the cleanest kid when he lived at home.....I got the job of playing with Jonathan while they worked.
They did a great job, and we really appreciate them spending their Friday after Thanksgiving working at the house for us. We owe them a dinner.