Monday, November 10, 2008

Bulletin Boards

Mr. Kelly's wife has been working on his school bulletin boards again. Worked on them Sunday afternoon.

This board is in the hallway outside his classroom.

This smaller board is in his room. I want to put the names of his students on each leaf.
This one is over Mr. Kelly's desk. I think it is very appropriate.
I took annual leave today since tomorrow is a holiday with Veteran's Day. Makes for me a long weekend. I have already vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned the aquarium.


The Wife said...

So what's in store for Christmas!!! You will have to get a little festive on the bulletin boards!

My house could use some cleaning if you need something else to do today!

Kellys said...

I did mention something to Greg about changing the board for Christmas and he said "no, this is gonna stay up until Valentine's Day". Men.....what to do with them??

And you know how important me even mentioning the C-word is. It may mean that I am embracing the holiday....p

Anonymous said...