Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jonathan at 4 months

Jonathan stayed with me for a while tonight. He was in a pretty good mood. I remembered that I had bought a bumbo chair from Craigs list so dragged it out for him. He seemed to enjoy sitting up in it. I sent it home with his mom since she probably needs it more than I do.

"Gosh, it's that woman with the camera again....."

"Huh?? What did you say?"


Lorie said...

he has grown so much!! Time sure flies. He is adorable. And it gets easier getting pictures as they get older and can sit up.

Kellys said...

Yes, he has grown.....and thank goodness for sitting up. I am hoping the pictures WILL get better...luv ya, p

Kellys said...

Lorie, what do you normally shoot in? All manual or some automatic? Our teacher makes us shoot fully manual. What type of lens do you have that you use the most? Which one do you tend to use most for candids and portraits? See....don't I sound like I know what I am talking about? I am so glad to finally know a little about the camera...most of my "good" pictures were just "accident"....p

Lorie said...

i try to use manual most of the time, but if I am chasing little kids a lot of times I have to put it on TV or AV. Usually AV so I can at least choose the aperture. I will send you my lens choices later, I have to run to pick up CJ.
I think you are doing great. The biggest thing is getting on the subjects level and looking at composition. You are doing great with this

Anonymous said...