Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday Softball Tournament

We had quite a full day of softball yesterday. Morgan had three games, and Greg called two different games, all at the Robinson field. Morgan's first game was at 9:00, and the day was sunny, bright, and cold. They made quick work of the other team and when we left shortly after 10, the thermometer in the car showed that it was 37, so still a bit chilly. But still a beautiful day to be outside.
Morgan warming up.

Morgan is playing third base and doing an exceptional job.


Lorie said...

Looking great Morgan. I was confused and thinking you were catching. That is Tara. Dani played catcher and First Base. I wish I could see you play. But I like watching when it is warmer outside!!!

Dad looks kind of cute behind the plate too, doesn't he?

Love you!

Anonymous said...