Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Softball

The camera had the zoom lens on it for the afternoon games. I don't always have good luck using it but figured it was time to figure it out. I took lots of pictures to practice and they were pretty good. I was mostly happy with them. I may post a link later but am having trouble with Blogger tonight for some reason. I can't download but one picture at a time so it has been slow going.
Morgan looks sort of like a chipmunk on third base because she wears a protective mouthpiece. We were witness to a very unfortunate accident last year where a Robinson batter hit a screamin' softball that hit the girl playing third square in the mouth. She was carried off the field and to the hospital, with the coaches coming back onto the field to search for as many teeth as they could recover. It was a scary situation.
There were two late afternoon games back to back. The first team was no competition at all. The second one was a little more exciting, but the Robinson JV won the game.

Silly Sophomore girls.......

The Robinson JV won the Robinson softball tournament!!!
Our favorite softball player......