Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Morning

You may remember that we did a major remodeling job last summer when Greg tore off the old patio cover and added a nice new one. It extended longer than the original patio slab. The covered area with no concrete was not very useful. Greg set the forms, tied the rebar, and he got the concrete truck out early Saturday morning. I had intended to take pictures all along but totally forgot until it was almost done.

Greg talking to the truck driver. My pesky brother-in-law Tim is in the background....
The concrete had to be wheelbarrowed from the truck to the new patio area.
The almost finished product......
This extra space is going to be so nice. We have more plans but they will come with time. For now, we will put the patio to use this summer.
Greg doing the finishing work. He worked really hard on this and we are really proud of the way it turned out.
A very special thanks to Tim and Jeremy. They came over early to help out with the wheelbarrow work. We couldn't have done it without them.