Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday Outing

Greg had a couple of softball games to umpire today and I stayed around the house to do some cleaning and I did get some "plant" work done. I am so ready for spring to work in the yard and with my plants. When he got home, we headed out for a motorcycle ride. It was really a pretty day, sunny and warm. Not so warm that jackets didn't feel good though. We headed out into the country. This is a deserted church that was somewhere in the Satin, Texas community.
This is the post office in Satin.
A quick snapshot of the countryside, taken from a moving motorcycle.
We saw a sign for Union Cemetery and decided to investigate. It was an old cemetery with some interesting tombstones. This squirrel was taking advantage of the rain water in the bowl atop the tombstone.
We are going to do some research on this tombstone. It was a double tombstone, this side being a child of less than a year old. The other side was a young lady of the age of about 8, I think, and she died two days after this baby, parents different and last name not the same. Curious as to the relationship, etc. I like to walk through cemeteries and look at the names and dates. Although I told Greg that it is sad to think that we end up as a piece of granite in a cemetery with dates etched on it. But as he reminded me, the important thing is the dash......what happened from the date you were born until the date you died. And he is right about that....
More pictures to come.