Saturday, September 22, 2007

What a morning!!!

Well, we had an exciting Saturday morning. Greg left early to go on a canoe trip with his boss and guys from work. Madison and I had no plans, thank goodness. Morgan left at 9:30 to go to work. At about 9:45, I got a frantic call from her that her car had been rear-ended before she even got on I-35, less than three miles from the house. Madison and I threw on some clothes and headed out. Morgan was fine, just a bit shook up. She kinda got sandwiched between a couple of larger vehicles. Apparently, instead of feeding onto the highway, a guy two cars in front of Morgan stopped. The next guy in a large pickup also stopped. Morgan was next and SHE was even able to stop, although she said there were some screeching tires. But the SUV behind Morgan was not able to stop. He hit Morgan, pushing her into the guy in front of her. The Robinson police was there, as well as the ambulance service. Then along came the Texas DPS trooper, followed by the Robinson fire department. Madison thought all the excitement was pretty cool. I don't think she really wanted to leave the scene. After Morgan retrieved all her important stuff from her car and we got all the paperwork taken care of, we headed back home.

Morgan's poor little car. It was just a mess.
Greg's comment to her here was "your car has a bad case of the gone a**...."

The back window shattered but her air bags didn't deploy because it wasn't a direct hit in the front.

Wow!! Look at that shiny new muffler!! It is right out there where you can see it now.....

The guy in front of Morgan didn't have a scratch on his Dodge Ram pickup. She was pushed into his trailer hitch ball. That is where the dent in the bumper came from.

Morgan will drive the Geo Tracker until we can get something else for her to drive. I had purchased a new vinyl top for it earlier in the summer but we had never even taken it out of the box. Greg and I put the new top on it this afternoon and it really looks quite sharp. I will spend this week tracking down insurance stuff, and waiting to see what we will get out of the car. Pretty sure it will be totaled. But that doesn't help us starts the quest for another vehicle. But as I told Morgan, it is just a can be replaced.....YOU can't. So thankful that she was only scared and not hurt.