Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Madison and I went to the Robinson football game last night, mainly to see Aunt Mo march in the band. This is the same school that I graduated from, as well as Brandon, Samantha, and Jeremy a generation later. Madison had a great time visiting with everyone. She was very interested in the tiger mascot across the field from us and has been showing Papa all morning how the drill team girls were dancing.

I was exhausted by the time we rushed to get to the game just before halftime, carried Madison through the packed parking lot, and climbed the bleachers holding her and her backpack. I was so thankful to see Brandon and friends. She enjoyed part of the game sitting with Mr. Tom.

Then she dumped Mr. Tom when she realized that Mr. Hooper had a much better view. Especially when she was so curious about what was going on up there in that room........I am not sure how the announcer kept it together when she was staring at him so intently, pretty much face to face.......

I was also toting the camera but my pics didn't come out very well. So I snagged these from Brandon's blog. Thanks, Brandon.