Monday, May 18, 2009

When the rain stopped......

When the rain finally subsided, it was so nice outside that we decided to try out the new wagon. Jonathan didn't complain.
He was just taking it all in. Rain left lots of water in the ditch. Don't know what this silly face is all about. I love this wagon. It was a great purchase, new and not from Craigs.
We had turned around and were heading back home. Think Papa had had enough and could hear our take-out Chinese food calling him.....
Not sure how old a toy has to be to be an antique but this little Fisher Price wagon belonged to my boys. It has got to be 30 years old and still in good shape. I have lots of their toys in the attic for later. As the only girl, Charley will have to tolerate GI Joe, He-Man, Ninja Turtles, Tonka trucks, Star Wars, and Legos, among other things that I have totally forgotten about that are stored away.
Jonathan is now crawling. No longer doing the paraplegic army crawl. And boy, can he move fast!!