Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Saturday morning we headed into Fredericksburg, even though the weather was threatening rain. And imagine that I found flowers to take a picture of.
We ate lunch at a restaurant called The Auslander. We have eaten there several times before. We got some really good fried mushrooms and a sausage/kraut plate. We were in a German town, after all.....
Just noticed, hope this guy is pointing at something.....I think he is using his pointer finger....
The rain did come and kept us moving from awning to awning, store to store. Saturday night, some other friends from high school were in town on their bike and we all went to dinner together. It was a great time of visiting and lots of laughter.

We had some issues on the way home, Morgan called them "adventures". But at the time, you aren't exactly thinking that. We got into the Pedernales State Park and found that we had a flat front tire. When we used the on-board air compressor on the bike, it ran the battery down. Luckily, we found a good Samaritan in the park that jumped it off for us. Needless to say, at that point, I don't think either of us enjoyed the pretty scenery on the way out of the park. We were just wanting to get out and to civilization in case we had more problems. Put a can of stop-leak stuff in the front tire so that took care of that "adventure".
This is the view from a lookout point before we started into the park.