Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun Weekend

Yesterday started out very foggy. It was an eerie look, appearing that the camera could see more than the actual naked eye.

Brandon and Samantha invited us to dinner in Round Rock to celebrate my birthday so we headed south. We decided on a restaurant called Gumbos. We sat on the patio with stuffed mushrooms and a bottle of wine until a table was ready. If you look closely, you can see the "legs" on the wine, which means the way the wine runs back down the glass once it is tasted or swirled.
Everything on the menu looked SOOOOO good. Greg got stuffed trout, Samantha got a seafood pasta, I got red snapper with crawfish sauce/dirty rice, and Brandon got the special of the day, which was some type of steak. Needless to say, all of it was very good but Greg and Brandon got the best deal. Greg's stuffed trout was a very large portion, and you can see by the picture that Brandon's steak was nothing to laugh at, and it was cooked just right being very pink in the middle. I tried to take a picture of my plate but it was a little close and didn't come out very well.
We spent the night and came home mid-morning today, after good conversation over freshly ground coffee and cinnamon rolls.
Samantha is again feeling well. The nursery is ready, just two months to go. Can hardly wait. We had a great time. Thanks for the great birthday dinner and the unique candle holders and the Estee Lauder perfume. Luv ya!!