Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am in total plant heaven overload when we are in Florida. I only dream of having a yard and plants like here. The temperature differences between Central Texas and Florida don't seem to be that great but it is the humidity that makes all the difference to the plants.

The camellias were everywhere and really beautiful.
I could just walk and walk in Millie's yard for hours, seeing something different at every turn.
The colors on this coleus were much brighter than the camera shows.
Ferns love it here.
This ornamental pepper was pretty colorful.
Oh, and this was someone on the phone, eating a sweet, reading a book, in the hammock, on his mom's deck. He wasn't mad, he just forgot to smile for me.....


Ashley said...

I love this rooster picture. What kind of camera do you use Paula?

Kellys said...

I have hijacked Greg's Canon digital Rebel. I told Greg recently that the only reason I married him was for his camera!! It is probably 6 years old and I am finally learning how to use it since I took the photography class. Greg thinks I need a new camera but I am happy with this one, at least for now. Kristy has a camera like it, and so does my coworker, just much newer. I really admire the new ones but maybe some day I will get good enough to warrant an upgrade...on the camera, not the husband!! :)

Anonymous said...