Sunday, December 28, 2008


This afternoon, Greg took Millie and I riding around through the old neighborhoods, seeing how things had grown and changed. Then we detoured by Joe Patti's Seafood Market to do a little browsing in anticipation of what we would buy before heading back home.

This is the most amazing place. Every kind of fish you can imagine, and many are brought right to the side of the market by these boats, having been freshly caught. They are cleaned right there off of the dock. And probably the most amazing thing of all is that with all the different kinds of seafood, the market doesn't have a stinky, fishy smell, like at our local grocery stores...Yuck!! Greg says that fresh fish doesn't have that nasty smell so the stuff that we get at home is not fresh!!
Mullets.....I don't think we will be buying any of these.
I think these were labeled local stone claws, whatever that means.
I would be on such a seafood overload if we had this much fresh fish around. But I guess like anything else, you eventually get tired of it and the novelty wears off and you go back to burgers and chicken. I do know that we will be heading back to Texas with fresh oysters....the rest will be determined at a later date.


Lorie said...

Wow! A gazillion posts from the last time I checked and I didn't think that was that long ago.

You make me homesick! Give everyone a kiss from me.

The Wife said...

I had to resucitate (how do you spell that word?) your plant from Rebecca! I think I saved it. How exciting is that! Now I must go check your other plants.

Kellys said...

Lorie,you didn't miss so much,I posted a lot at once and backdated. Don't feel bad......

Thanks KM, for taking care of my poor plant. You talking about the new yellow one? Or the other red one that she got me last year?

Happy New Year, guys!! love, p

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