Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oysters....or not.....

Saturday for lunch, we went in search of oysters on the halfshell. But it wasn't so easy this time. We went to our usual oyster bar and got seated before we found out that they didn't have any oysters!! An oyster bar without oysters? What is with that? We left and Greg's comment to the owner on the way out was that having an oyster bar without oysters was like having a steakhouse without steak. I think the guy might have gotten the idea that we weren't very happy. We tried another spot, The Fish House, only to find out that they didn't serve halfshells until after 5, but we stayed and ate lunch anyway.
The scenery was great.
Greg got the special of the day which was some type of shrimp with grits and yaya....whatever yaya is. He let us sample and it was quite tasty.
Millie and I got the seafood gumbo and it was really probably the best I have ever eaten.

Needless to say, we will be on a quest for the oysters until we leave!!