Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bottle Tree

Looks like I need one more bottle.....
For thousands of years, superstition has held that bottles can trap bad spirits at night, which are then destroyed in the next day's sunlight - legends of "bottle "imps" and geniis in lamps originated in Arabia over three thousand years ago, and have been handed down through sub-Saharan Africa, up to Europe, and finally to North America.

Greg made me a bottle tree. Well, he made two but we only have one up so far. I had seen one in a garden magazine and really liked it. Blue is supposedly the "preferred" color for the "bad spirits"......this blue one came from a bottle of wine Jeremy/Marci brought us from Canada, blue is hard to find. The two clear ones came from the house next door after the neighbors moved out....I really thought they were pretty cool. Now I shop the wine department by bottle colors..... :)

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