Thursday, January 08, 2009


After dinner tonight, Greg was working on a test for his kids at his laptop and I pulled a couple of family recipe books to look through. I LOVE recipes and have tons of them. Millie and I discussed just how we could organize them but we didn't come up with anything. Anyway, I was looking in the Kelly cookbook and I turned a page and did a double take. Wait, that guy on the back row, in the middle, it looked just like Greg!!! I knew it had to be his dad because of the resemblance. I called him in to look at it and he confirmed that it was indeed his dad. It was really a bit eerie, it was like looking at Greg in an old picture. (This picture just didn't scan as good as I would have liked, but take it from me, it could be Greg standing there, no mustache, flat top/hairline and all.)