Monday, January 19, 2009

The day off

Since I didn't have to work at the office today, I decided to work at home. I threw away some papers, cleaned up the computer desk, stripped and remade the bed, bathed the dog, went through some old photos. I have been known to be working on something in one room, find it necessary to take something to another room, and start working in there, abandoning the original job. I certainly stayed busy all day but can't put my finger on any big project that I accomplished today. I did decide to make a special dinner since I was home. I hadn't made these chicken breasts with artichokes hearts in wine sauce in a very long time. In fact, Greg had never had them before. I also make some yummy french onion rice, as well as some steamed vegetables. I found some Fredericksburg peaches in the freezer so made a peach cobbler.
Now all we need is some vanilla ice cream.......