Saturday, January 03, 2009

Just how many ways can you fix oysters?

Yesterday, I was trying desperately to figure out ways to use up the shrimp and oysters that we had left. Morgan's friend, Shane, was coming over and she wanted him to try halfshells so Greg shucked about three dozen or so. I searched the internet for some type of seafood stew/gumbo/soup and the final product wasn't too bad. I didn't have okra, which would have made it gumbo, so we will just call it seafood stew. It had carrots, bell pepper, garlic, onions sauteed in bacon, stewed tomatoes, a small amount of white wine, rice, shrimp, and oysters. I went a bit light on the seasonings as I didn't want it to be too hot. It was good, but lacking. Today, when I reheated it for lunch, I added a can of rotel tomatoes with chilis and a couple more pinches of cayenne pepper. Now we were talking!! Yum!!

There were about six oysters in the ice chest today when we were working here at the house. I asked Greg, "do we have to eat anymore oysters?" I can't believe I actually said that!! I know it won't be long before I will be wanting them again but for now, I am about oyster-ed out. I pitched the last few away, albeit regretfully in thinking how good they have been!!!