Friday, October 03, 2008

Thursday Morning, part 1

We were out of the house at 6 AM yesterday morning to drop off the motorcycle for a new tire, then back home to pick up the truck, then off to work. On my way, I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks, which has newly opened a kiosk in the Hilton. It was not quite 7 AM when I came out, camera around my neck, and saw the sun starting to rise. It was a beautiful morning and I decided to make the most of it taking pictures.
This is the best shot of the Suspension Bridge. I was experimenting and changing settings all around.
This is the bridge that drew me to the river in the first place, an old railroad bridge.
I was clicking away. Got in the car and began to drive to the office. I continued to stop along the way to take pictures.
Finally reached my destination, the Federal Courthouse. Home sweet, home. It wasn't so bad to get up early if you get to take pictures....... :)
After the Starbucks mocha latte on an empty stomach, and a couple more cups of coffee once I got to work, I was pretty wired. I was jittery until well after lunch.....