Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Stuff

The pears are coming along nicely. Still have a way to go though. My red honeysuckle is finally coming back. All we can figure is that the old neighbor sprayed something along the fence line to kill grass and must have hit this bush as well. I almost totally lost it but thankfully, it is doing better.
The passion flower vine is covered with blooms, some of which have already come and gone.
Last year is the first time I planted this vine. I got cuttings from a friend and they did very well. It is called sweet potato vine and I just thought that even though the vine looks like a potato vine, that it was just sort of a made up name. But the friend who I got last year's cuttings from said that hers had actually made potatoes under the ground. This is a topiary that will hopefully fill up by the end of summer.
The waxleaf ligustrums are in full bloom......the smell is yummy.....and the bees love them.....