Monday, April 07, 2008

Anyone want a kitten?

Remember the story about Greg taking the cat to the vet to get her eye well enough to take her to the clinic to have her spayed? Well, her eye got better but she now has kittens.......go figure....Before we left for church, Kitty had been laying in a different place in the laundry room and really didn't appear interested in getting up. When we got home, I told Morgan to go check on the cat. She had already had three and was in the process of having a few more. The fourth one we had to work with because I think "mom" was distracted by us being there, plus she acted like she was pretty tired. We got the kitten breathing and then let Kitty handle it from there. She did a very good job. She is a good mother.
There are three white kittens, one black with white on neck and feet, a grey stripe, and one that really looks a lot like a calico.
Millie, this one is for you. You always thought our cat was ugly......well, take a look at this one.....