Sunday, April 27, 2008


I found this nest in the red honeysuckle. These mockingbirds are just about ready to go. As I leaned into the shrub to take the picture, I felt something pull my hair. It was one of the adult mockingbirds, swooping and trying to run me away from the nest. I see them do that to the cat, and other birds, all the time.
This is the bird "flight". When we did the tree work, we also moved it into place and Greg tied it down so that the wind won't tip it over. He had to do some trimming on the overhanging limbs to get them off of the rooftop. Hopefully we will go pick out wire for it in the next several weeks.
This bird took refuge from the storm on our front porch. We have had some rough weather in the past week. Friday evening we had hail mixed with rain and high winds but all of our vehicles were undercover so there was no damage.