Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister Ashley!!

Sorry this is late. My goal is to try to keep up with birthdays. I may not always have pictures to post, but we will see......and at least I used a current picture of you unlike your older sister.... :)
Love you Ashley!!


ashley said...

Aw, that is so sweet. Thank you Paula, love you!

Kellys said...

Ashley, I will need some help from you and Kristy about birthdays. The list I have still has you as Ashley Kelly so it is a bit old. Someone got all the dates together and compiled a list that Greg received years ago. He had the list in his box of income tax stuff or it would have already been lost!! I need birthdays for Brian, and all the new "babies", both yours and Kristy's.

Your blog always makes me smile. Your girls are too cute and funny. love, paula

Kellys said...

Nevermind on Brian's. I looked back on your blog and found it on November 18th? Is that correct?


ashley said...

Yep, Brian's is Nov 18
Kendall's 5/11
Kate's 3/19

Kristy's kids:
P 3/8
K 1/9
S 6/15
oh, and Pat's is 2/10

Anonymous said...