Saturday, December 22, 2007

O Christmas Tree

This is my Paris Hilton tree, so named by one of Morgan's friends that thought he was SOOOO funny. It is a "slim line" tree since we really don't have much room for one anywhere in the living room. I think it looks fine. The kids think it is too skinny. I finally got the ornaments on it earlier in the week. I think it sat there for almost a week with only lights and garland on it. Then I took the day off on Thursday and wrapped gifts. So I am pretty much ready for Tuesday. Greg and I will probably just head to the mall late this afternoon just to go and watch people. It is much better being there when you are just killing time and not searching desperately for something.

The weather is sunny and warm now but it is supposed to change later today. We should be getting some much cooler weather which will be much more like Christmas. Greg is working outside on a project today. I think I know what it is that he is working on and I am about to go out and take pictures so I can post them.