Saturday, December 22, 2007

Four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves.....

I think this is my Christmas present. Greg knows of my great love of babies, children, plants and animals, birds and fish (and the ponds that they live in - with waterfalls --hint, hint). When we were in Fredericksburg, we saw a large outside bird cage that I fell in love with. They had some pretty doves and other birds in it. A security guard at my office raises birds and has informed me that what I was wanting was a "flight", not an aviary as I thought it was called. Greg built this on Friday and was priming it today. The weather was sunny but turned much cooler and windier, but this bird sanctuary will be on the south end of the house which will block it from most of the nasty north wind during the wintertime. It will have a metal roof and we haven't decided on the type of wire mesh to use. Later, it will be painted the same beige color as the trim on the house and moved under a large tree. I am hoping that come springtime, I will have some birds to go in it (and maybe a pond for my goldfish, too). I am SO excited!!
Thanks, Greg!!