Sunday, February 21, 2010

Special Olympics Basketball

Greg spent Saturday morning, from 8 until 1, refereeing special olympics basketball games on campus at Baylor University. I tagged along with the camera. I have to admit, I was very surprised by the folks there. I had mistakenly assumed that they would be "kids", which there were several teams of special children. But the special adults had a couple of teams, too. There were all ages and sizes, men and women. And they all played with enthusiasm, intensity, and a true happiness.
Greg stopped to talk to me once and his comment was that they were different sizes on the outside but basically all the same on the inside. A Lady Bear basketball player stopped by to welcome the players.
Greg was the one that volunteered his time but I think we both were truly blessed by being a part of the fun. There were several times during the day that I found myself blinking away tears. We sometimes get so full of ourselves that we don't take the time to give back to the community, and we forget to appreciate just how lucky we are......