Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Although predicted to fall during the night (to the tune of 4-6 inches), we awoke to no snow this morning. By my trip in to work at 7:30, it was sleeting. Shortly before I got to work, it started to snow. And it continued on for the better part of the day. Lots and lots of big, soft, floating snowflakes!!! It was awesome!! Luckily, the judge closed the courthouse at noon!!
Yahoo..... freedom!!!
Nearly all schools, and many businesses, closed at noon. And will start late in the morning as it is predicted to get below freezing tonight which will make the roads a bit slick in the early morning.
We get so excited about snow. But it must be remembered that this part of Texas doesn't get much snow......therefore, we have a blast when it does come!!! And most people here can't drive worth a flip in this weather, they are idiots, thus the late openings in the morning!!
We drove around in the country this afternoon (Greg got home about 2:00) and we really had more snow than most places.
After we got back home, I made the obligatory snowpeople. We saw many unique ones today but I didn't have the time or energy or appropriate clothing on to stay outside for much longer than these cuties required!!
I made yummy tomato soup today and will try to make pancakes in the morning from a Pioneer Woman recipe.....cinnamon bun pancakes!!! I can hardly wait!!!


The Wife said...

you can bring any leftovers to work in the morning. I will make sure and stay until you get there! :)

Kellys said...

Not gonna make pancakes today, Greg left for work at 7:00 AM!! Said he had things to do to get ready for today and needed to clean his room....so much for a late start....sorry....

somebody said...