Sunday, February 01, 2009

Charley at 3 weeks

We went to Round Rock late yesterday afternoon to visit with Charley and her parents. We hadn't seen her in over a week. She finally opened her eyes to look at us.
We picked up pizza from Papa Murphys in Round Rock where they build it for you but you bring the finished product home and cook at your own house. It was kinda cool. The pizza was really good, especially the stuffed one. Bought cookie dough, too. Yum. Charley didn't get any pizza....well, maybe indirectly.....
Samantha took me to look at Charley's room and her closet is full of pink clothes. She is going to be a very well dressed young lady once she is able to get out on the town.
She only got upset when her daddy had to change her diaper. The rest of the time she was just pretty relaxed. What a cutie!!