Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Wouldn't you like to ride in my beautiful balloon......."

The National Hot Air Balloon Race is being held in Waco this week. Yesterday was their practice day and it was beautiful. I had plans this morning to get ready for work, leave a little early, and go just down the road where they would be lifting off to take some pictures. This is what we found in the back yard when we walked out to go to work.
The cloud cover was so thick and low that once the balloons got off the ground and to their flying level, the pilots could not see the ground. At that point, the competition was cancelled and they started looking for places to land.

The pilot of the balloon yelled to Greg to see if we minded him landing in our yard, and of course, we told him to go for it. Greg went out to help and I went for the camera.

Shortly thereafter, a couple of vehicles full of observers and helpers came pulling down the driveway to help pack up the balloon.
It was great morning entertainment!! Right in our backyard!! This particular team was from Iowa. The pilot told us that they had brought several ice chests of fresh sweet corn from Iowa, were going to cook it at the hotel tonight, and invited us to come out. We joined them this evening and ate the sweetest corn I have ever put in my mouth. They were gracious hosts and were very appreciative of our assistance this morning.