Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Almost There

The patio cover is almost done. It really looks good. Greg has done a great job. We are still shopping for the ceiling fans that we want. Caulking and painting comes next. Then on to the next projects, like rocking the garage, a bird aviary, and a pond!!
I took off from work yesterday and today to make for a loooonnnng holiday weekend. Morgan and I cleaned house in the morning and then ran our many errands during the afternoon. She was my chauffeur and she really did a good job. Just about a week and she can get her license. We stopped at several restaurants and picked up job applications for her to fill out. Hopefully one will work out. Today we have errands to run that we forgot to do yesterday. Think we may try to catch a matinee movie as well if we have time, a chick flick.
The rain has finally stopped. Area lakes have been closed all summer. That fact will certainly affect the holiday outings tomorrow. There is still a chance of rain through the end of the week. I guess we will see what happens.


ashley said...

Looks good! When you guys are all done I have some stuff done around here Greg can do and if you and Morgan need something to keep you busy while he works you can clean my house :) Miss you guys! Ashley

Kellys said...

If we could get there to see you, we would certainly do the things that you want done!! Plus getting to play with your two gorgeous girls!! We miss you guys, too! love, paula

Anonymous said...