Sunday, June 03, 2007

Youth Camp Update

Morgan returned from church camp on Friday about 3. Her problem since returning is getting her days and nights straight. She wants to nap during the day and stay up very late at night, somewhat trying to get caught up on the sleep that she lost. She had a great time and I think that our youth kids found out how bad some kids have it living in the projects. Even when there was chaos and fighting among the children, the youth focused on "loving the kids". I am sure many lives were changed, both in our group and the children that were involved.

Morgan's report card came in the mail while she was gone. She had a wonderful school year with her grades. Her lowest grade for the second semester was a 96 and they ranged all the way up to several 100's. Her class rank at the end of the school year was #3!! We are so proud of her. She has done a great job!!

Morgan leaves on Wednesday to spend a couple of weeks in Florida. By the time she returns, it will almost be time for her to get her driver's license. With volleyball and softball camps later in the summer, it will be so busy around here that school will be starting again before we know it.

We are now down to one kitten. Wednesday morning when we got up, one kitty was nowhere to be found. Not sure what happened but we have some possibilities in mind. The remaining kitten meows a lot and we assume she misses her brother. She still plays hard and then falls into an exhausted sleep. She and the dog have yet to make peace with each other.

With all the rain we have had, we now have Texas sized mosquitos!! I have never seen mosquitos that will actually chase you to get a bite!! At one point, Greg said he counted 10 on him today while he was working on the house.

Everyone have a good week!!