Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's Always Something

Well, we now have two cats again. Greg and I were riding the motorcycle on Saturday afternoon on a rural road. We saw something in the road and when we passed it, it was a little kitten. Greg turned around and I picked it up, expecting to find that it had been hit by a car. Instead, we are now thinking that she took a ride underneath a car and had a dismount at a high rate of speed. When we first got her home, we thought she was blind. I didn't know if I was ready for a "challenged" kitten. She didn't run into anything but she could not focus. She had a big, puffy spot on the front of her forehead which we assume was fluid from what was probably a "kitty concussion". She has some scratches on her face (you can see them in the picture), a busted lower lip, and a mashed end of her tail. She was covered in fleas. The strangest thing is that her coloring is such that she could be the sibling of the cat we already had; she appears to be about 4 weeks younger though. Morgan and I have babied her, and worked with her all weekend. Every day we see her getting better and better. She appears now to be able to see, although we think her vision must be somewhat blurry at best. The other kitten is just so excited about having another playmate, although not always a willing one. She is pretty rough with the "baby" when they play. But they have become pretty good friends as you can see from the pictures!