Saturday, March 31, 2007


The weather cleared and the sun came out today so we started on the patio cover. It had a shed roof that had never had enough "pitch" to it so had problems with runoff and water causing some rotting. Greg and I spent the better part of the morning on top of the house, removing shingles and decking. Dustin got here to help and probably had worked about 5 minutes when he whacked the $&#@ out of his ring finger. It swelled up and made a terrible blood blister, not to mention the fact that he will probably lose that fingernail. He wasn't much help after that. I doctored him as best I could and got back to work, which the way I feel about unprotected heights was taking a lot of guts for me. We squatted, bent over, and lifted all day long. Tonight we are just hoping that we can get out of bed in the morning!! Neither of us does much physical labor during the week so only time will tell. Hopefully, the framing crew will start working on the new roof tomorrow. Then, sometime soon Greg's roofers will come out to reroof the whole house. After that, we have plans of a small deck, a hot tub, and a fish pond/waterfall. Big plans, huh?? : ) 'night all, paula