Sunday, March 18, 2007


Greg has been warting me about wanting to plant a garden. Today we went to the nursery and bought a "yard" of the most beautiful soil (I know some of you don't think soil is beautiful but I know as a fellow plant person Millie will know what I am talking about), and some veggies to plant in it. We got tomatoes and peppers, and put them in raised beds. We shall see what happens from here. The good thing about it is that we didn't use all the soil. Now I have a nice sized pile of it behind the garage. That means that I MUST buy pots to put the dirt in and plants to go in the dirt!! Life is good!!
Last week was spring break and Morgan spent most of it helping a group from our church do work for a lady through Friends for Life. Long story short, the house was in a terrible state of dirt and disrepair, and she came home with a gross story every day. She worked very hard and was very diligent in continuing to go back every day, in spite of how nasty it was. She and I both took the day off on Friday and we spent the day shopping for spring clothes. It was great fun but my credit card can't take those kinds of days very often!! By the way, Morgan is doing great learning to drive a car with a standard transmission. She and I spent yesterday cleaning her car, which included a wash and wax job, as well as a stylish steering wheel cover and fragrant lei of flowers for the mirror.
Anxiously awaiting Ashley and Brian's little Kate!! Praying for a safe delivery!!
Everyone have a good week!! paula