Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bottle Tree

Back during the late summer, my bottle tree fell and all but about 7 of my bottles broke.  Not only was I disappointed because they were broken, but what a mess in the yard!!  I picked up as many large pieces as I could and then used the shop vac to suck up any small pieces of glass (thankfully it was during the drought and the grass was dead, making it fairly easy to see most of the pieces).  Greg did some modifications on the tree, and set it in isn't going anywhere now!!  Then my quest was to get it filled with various bottles again.  I called on a friend down the street and she provided quite a few, especially the large blue bottles that are on the top.  I began searching for a red wine bottle and finally found one at HEB.  Darn, I had to drink the wine to be able to empty the bottle to put it on the tree!!  Wasn't really good wine but wasn't bad either, and at least I got my red bottle!! 

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Carolyn said...

Looks great!