Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Backpacking in Colorado--5 days/4 nights

We are just away from the truck and everything starts with a smile. At this point, I just did not quite know what I had gotten myself in to.
When we got here they all looked at me funny when I made a comment about the small hill we had just walked up. It was an ant mound compared to a few days later. Little did I know.....

It was just oh so beautiful. Everywhere it was as if we were in God's backyard. It was so easy to be close to Him because He was always just right there all around us.

Yes, I am leaning forward. It was one of the most physically challenging things I have ever done.
Not to mention, when your stomach is bigger around than your hips, it is hard for your pack to sit and stay on your hips. It is a constant adjustment keeping it from all sitting totally on your shoulders.

We are within 100 yards of Half Moon Pass and yes, that is snow we had just walked past. Oh yes, this was the third week in July at 12,700 feet. The creeks were very cold being fed by the snow.

After we crossed the pass we went to Wheeler Geological area. It was magnificent. We got to our camp site and it hailed on us. It was awesome.

We are going back over the pass the next day. As if the climb up and the descent down was not hard enough, we got off trail and blazed our own short---long cut through the wilderness. It ended up being a little unsettling before it was over. But it was all just awesomely beautiful!!

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Carolyn said...

Awesome pictures! Can't wait to hear "...the rest of the story!...." :)