Friday, April 08, 2011

New Oven

I didn't get a 'before' picture with my almost 30 year old oven. The old one came out pretty easily. The new one took a bit of work.
I love the continuous grates across the top, that way I can just slide my pots/pans around on the top rather than pick them up, which makes it much easier since I am not supposed to be lifting a lot yet.
The controls for the stovetop and the oven are also on the top, which makes it much more kid safe for the grandkids. And it has a little oven on the top, just large enough for me and Greg, and a large oven on the bottom. Haven't had the chance to cook on it a lot yet but so far, I really like it!!

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Carolyn said...

Envious of the gas advantage! It looks wonderful!