Sunday, November 28, 2010

Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys

Our first look at the field.
The local football team at the high school that Dustin played for was in a playoff game at the new Texas Stadium on Friday after Thanksgiving. Greg really wanted to Not so much. But he did have a point, at $12 per ticket, it would be the cheapest price for us to EVER see a game at the stadium. So he talked me into going.
It was AWESOME!! This crowd picture was one of the "smaller" screens.....
The color guard and the football guys were on the BIG screen, photos taken from our seats....which was right in our faces!! I think I may have looked down a couple of times to watch a few plays, otherwise I was watching this big screen. It was AMAZING!! I could see the color of the players' eyes and the expressions on their faces, as well as getting to watch the replays!!!It was great!!! I could get used to watching football like this!!
Tell me why I would want to watch the game from this perspective???

Greg didn't realize until our trip home that I had been watching the screen the whole ballgame!! Midway didn't win, but we had a fun time anyway!!!


dieterich said...

So you paid $12 to drive all that way and watch TV?

Kellys said...

Ahhhh....yes....think of it as "renting" to watch....or watching a football movie at the theatre!!
I would have paid $12 to sit in the parking lot and watch on a screen that big!!! I just couldn't take my eyes off of it!! It was like "crack" in a screen!! :) And it was really scary when your wife's family flashed up there!!!