Sunday, August 22, 2010


Jonathan went home Saturday morning, then it was just me and Charley all the rest of the day.
The settings on the camera were off on this shot but I liked that the wind was blowing her hair and she was being still enough for me to take it!!

Kitty gittin' some love from Charley.....she got more than love from Charley but she is such a good, mild mannered cat. No matter how much hard love she gets from what children, I have yet to see her bite or even show her claws. As cats go, she's a good one!!
Papa made a new water feature that caught Charley's eye. We finally just took her shirt off and let her play in it.
Mmmmm......goldfish crackers and a cool beverage for an after nap snack. Sadly, Mimi has to head back to work so Charley went back to stay a couple more days with Nonnie and Pops. She was lots of fun. Hope she gets to come visit again!!

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