Monday, July 26, 2010


I went to Fredericksburg, by way of Round Rock, to spend the weekend with my friend, Susan. Can't believe I ran off and left my camera at home so my sweet DIL let me borrow hers. The Chili Festival was underway, we missed the glow on Friday evening but we were sitting along the roadway at 6 AM Saturday morning, waiting on the balloons to launch.
It was still pretty dark at 6, they actually didn't take off until 7. Think it was just a trick to get us up early......
There were only 5 balloons, not near as many as will be in Waco this fall, but it is still always an awesome sight, especially if you have never seen them, as Susan hadn't.
After the balloons left, Susan wanted to go for a ride in the country, maybe try to follow the balloons. But we soon lost them and just enjoyed the beautiful Hill country drive on an early morning. So needless to say, we were surprised when we rounded a corner and the balloons were sitting down beside the road we were on.
I would hope that the homeowners knew these guys were coming!! Although I do know what it is like to step out your door and find a balloon skimming across your backyard!!
Susan and I talked, and talked, and talked, catching up on lots of news. We mostly just hung out at the house. She is a real trooper!! Her husband insisted that we look like sisters with her new "hair", he said he kinda likes her as a brunette!!
Farmer Dan and Susan you guys lots!!! Can't wait to go back again!!

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