Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Photos from the Patio

I planted this pot to go to Jeremy's house.....but then I liked it so much that I kept it.....

This metal rooster and the horned toad came from a shop close to my office that was going out of business. Greg brought the cactus home from the country a couple of years ago, he found it in a ditch across from a cemetery, we figure that it was at one time growing there. It was much smaller and was quite a challenge to plant in the pot!!
I have never had any luck with angel wing begonias....I got this from Millie when we were there last time, she was throwing it away, she has tons of them and this one didn't look too good. But with a little bit of pampering, it looks beautiful!!

A cute herb basket, it has a little of everything.

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