Saturday, May 15, 2010

We have returned from Atlantic City!!

I think we might stop trying to travel by plane, seems everytime we do, we have issues. Bad thunderstorms yesterday at DFW, flights backed up, many cancelled. Our flight was to leave Philly at 4:50, delayed to 7 because of storms in Dallas, then once we finally got on the plane, a thunderstorm broke loose in Philly and we sat on the plane for two hours!! Finally arrived at DFW around 12:15, no more flights to Waco until today. Thought we would just rent a car and drive to Waco early this morning.....wrong. No rental companies with drop offs anywhere close to home!! Finally called Dustin to come pick us up, we got home at 6 am this morning. I am tired!!!

And Mr. Trump wanted $24.95 per day to use the internet service in our hotel room so needless to say, we were out of touch for a while.....overall, we had a good time!! Will post more pictures later.

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