Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Game

Last Sunday was our last season home game for the Lady Bears. Boohoo. The last game of the regular season was played without their star player. Unless you haven't seen any tv since a week ago Wednesday, Baylor's Brittney Griner punched a player in the face on the court and broke her nose, being ejected from the game, and suspended from playing for two games. It was truly an ugly incident, one that I am not terribly proud of but it happened. Brittney is only 19 years old, and under a lot of pressure. Not making excuses but she is just a kid with lots of hype. She needs to learn that the way you deal with getting mistreated in the paint is to beat your opponent on the scoreboard, then shaking their hand after the game and saying thanks for the win.

And I must say thank you again to Brandon & Samantha, Jeremy & Marci for our season tickets. We truly, truly enjoyed every game, I think we only missed one.
Thanks kiddos!!!