Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eggs again!!

The diamond doves have one egg, laid in a container that is intended to be a feed cup for the parakeets. This is the male sitting on the egg. Neither of the pair will leave when I walk up and get nose to nose with them to try to see inside the nest. The bluish color to the photo is because the aviary is covered with a blue tarp to keep out the cold.The female taking a break from sitting the egg.
Ring necked dove
The ring necked pair also has an egg. Not sure if this is the female or male sitting the egg. I had put several containers in the cage, not knowing what they would prefer. The egg that was laid before Christmas that didn't survive was laid in an old cake pan, this one is in the coffee container that I cut down. Each pair only has one egg. I am so excited, but will just have to wait and see if they hatch them. In about 14 days, we should know....
All the doves are very tame to me. They will even fly down and sit on my head while I am cleaning the cage. Can't say the same for the pesky parakeets. They are now inside the house in a cage because of our extreme cold weather that we had for a few days and they were a challenge to catch, even with the fish net that I had. And let me tell you, parakeets are small but they can bite like you wouldn't believe!!!