Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baylor Basketball

This weekend, Baylor has a basketball tournament and since we have season tickets (thanks again, kids!), we have seen two games so far, one last night and another today at noon, there is another tomorrow at 2:30. Baylor won both games so far. After the game last night, we went to Roadhouse to eat. And Brittney Griner, the 6'8" freshman, came in with some other teammates to eat, too. We got to meet her and I can't believe that I didn't have my camera with me!! But in thinking about it today, this poor girl is very timid and very young, most probably 19, and at times she must feel like a freak, or someone in a zoo because of the way people stare, not to mention the notoriety that has followed her from her high school in Houston.

Today, I took the camera to get a picture of this. We saw it for the first time at last night's game. I am 5'10" tall and standing in front of her true to size photo. Her "wingspan" (or reach) is 7'4" At a size 18 1/2 tennis shoe, she outsizes me by a lot!!
Her hands outsize mine, too!!
And then there is Coach Mulkey.....only she can get away with black leather pants and a metallic gold blazer......


Scamp said...

Thank goodness for Google Blog Alerts!

I'm a fervent fan of Kim Mulkey, but I live in Seattle, WA. Getting to see your photos from yesterday was almost like being there. Almost.

Can't wait to see what Kim wears today (I watch home games on-line).

The Wife said...

Oh my Mulkey!

Anonymous said...